Monday, August 28, 2006

Cat Tail

As I sit here at the computer desk, my faithful cat sits at my side on the floor.  His lovely black cat tail is just under the edge of the roller of my chair.  This time I saw it, but often I do not.  YOWL!! Many times I roll back over his tail and he cries with pain. There is always a large tuft of hair left that was under the wheel when I moved.

EVERY day he lays near the wheels of Sharon’s or my chair.  Every few days he gets his tail run over.  Does he ever learn?  NO!  He is really a loyal and loving cat, but I do not think he is too bright. 

Sharon and I have a daily reminder of RVing. Our motorhome is parked out back reminding us that we have not been camping since April. What a sad thing to say.  At least we get daily use our of our Bounder.  It is our break room.  We eat two meals a day in it.  Even though we do not  go camping, I am very happy we have it parked out back. 

We need reminders of the things that are important to us. Having an RV in sight everyday give us just that reminder and also gives us some motivation to make things work better with our finances.

I think full time RVing might be easier than trying to work an RV into a tight budget.  At least with full timing you can park in one place for a while if things get tight.  With full timing, assuming you are debt free, you only have to maintain the RV, pay for camping if you cannot boondock for free and eat.  Of course there are other expenses like cell phone and recreation and other incidentals.

If you are new to the blog, our problem started in April when we had to rent a place to live, which was an unexpected $800 a month extra we had to come up with.   This has stretched out budget to the limit. We had been living in our warehouse, but were reported to the city and had to move out. Since we work for ourselves we have worked harder and made it, but it has cut out our camping temporarily until we can adjust and increase our income a little more.

Exciting news!  Wednesday we will be grandparents again.  Our youngest son’s wife will be delivering a baby boy by C-section.  Her first baby was taken by Caesarian 6 weeks early due to problems. It is 150 miles to the hospital.  We will leave Poky The Dog at the warehouse.  Poor boy will have to potty in the warehouse.  I hope he will since we will be gone all day.  We have no other place to leave him and no one to take care of him.

Here is a tip. When you leave on a short trip for a day or two and leave cats, dogs or other pets home, put extra food and water out for them.  You never know when you will be delayed a day or two.  Our two cats are indoor cats here at the warehouse. When we go away for a couple days or more, we leave at least 5 days food and water for them and put out an extra liter box. 

Speaking of litter boxes, we bought one of those automatic cleaning boxes. It automatically scoops the box for you. It is perfect for camping trips.  Since the “catch box” is not that big, we put the cat box up on a stand. Then we cut the bottom out of the “catch box” and put a plastic bag securely around the box. This increased the capacity of the litter catch box by about 5 times and keeps things a lot neater.



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