Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sunny Dispostion & Sunny Day

Yesterday we had our best sales day on Ebay in the last year.  This gave us a very sunny disposition to match the sunny day we are having.

Our weather is turning very nice.  Late summer and fall are are best times of year.  Warm days and sunny weather. This is really a good time to be camping on the coast in our area.  If you do not know, we are on the coast about an hour north of Los Angeles.

Even though we had a great sales day on Ebay, it still is not enough to get the Bounder out to a campground.  We are really hustling still. I worry about the bills, mainly the warehouse rent near the end of the month.  The money is not there until the last minute and we often wonder IF it will be there.

The problem with our business is we do not have any inventory that we know the value of.  We may list an item on Ebay for $20 and it will sell for over $500.  Another item we think is worth something is listed at over $100 and a couple auctions later we lower the price and settle for $20.

So, you see why we struggle so much.  We do not have the best business model.  It works. It pays the bills and at times is very good to us, but over the years it is just so so.

I WANT TO GO CAMPING!  I will have to settle for daily meals in motorhome behind the warehouse.  At least the Bounder is not off in some storage lot, out of sight and out of mind.  PLUS storage would be another bill. 

RVing on a budget could really ruin a budget if you are driving a vehicle that gets far below 10 miles per gallon.  The best mileage we have had on the Bounder was 5.8 MPG. 

If you are reading this and think of buying an RV, evaluate your finances.  The larger the RV, the lower you mileage will be.  The larger the RV the bigger the engine need to move it whether it is motorhome, fifth wheel trailer or travel trailer.  These are things you may not think about initially when you fall in love with all the space in a larger RV.  When the budget gets tight, You will certainly be thinking about it.



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