Friday, August 18, 2006

I Changed My Mind

I wrote that I was dropping the daily blog and would only publish it on Monday’s.  I received an email that was encouraging me not to “give up” on the blog.  It stated that I had helped the writer and they knew others.  OK, I have changed my mind.  I am not going to write daily for a while, but will write on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  This is sort of a compromise.

Often we jump to quickly at things we thing we want.  When the salesman says, “Buy”, we sign on the dotted line.  When the wife hollers, we holler back only louder.  We jump before we think and we create problems and escalate things that would have gone away if we had not responded.

This was my QUICK decision on the blog.  I did not think it mattered much anymore since I was not out RVing lately.  Apparently our RV Living Magazine site supplies the RVing information and the blog is an incite into the owners of the site. 

Sharon is participating in another blood pressure study. She gets paid for each one she volunteers for.  Since we do not have insurance, this is a way for her to keep her blood pressure down and get some medical advice from the nurse practitioners and doctors at the clinic.

Yesterday we went to the 2nd Run theater, where movies go after they finish at the main run theaters.  Admission to our theater is $2 in the day and $3 at night. We go to the matinee.  Yesterday the movies was, “CLICK”.  That is a funny movie.

Did you see Click?  It says a lot about life and how we live our own lives.  I will not say enough to give anything away, but it does ask the question, “What are you missing in life?”.

Remember when Sharon got rear ended in our brand new car. It had less than 1,300 miles on it when she got hit.  The insurance company is settling finally.  After we pay all the medical bills and the lawyer, there will not be much for us, but at least Sharon got treated for the problems she had and will get something. 

If you read this far, do me a big favor, email me and let me know what you think.  I need to know the direction the blog needs to go when we cannot camp for months at a time.  The link to the email is in to right column at the top.



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