Monday, August 14, 2006

Giving More Make Your Day

Have you ever found that giving more makes your day. When you give more than is called for, you feel good. This weekend a woman won one of our auctions and paid way more than she should have.  Unknown to her we are doubling her order.  Just a little feel good gesture to make our day feel better.

I think that giving as much of yourself as you can afford is a rewarding way of living.  I do not mean excessive giving. I mean giving a little more here and there. Not money or goods like I mentioned above, but giving of yourself, you time and your energy.  Giving to strangers and giving to your family. 

Sometimes I think Sharon and I are poor, but when we can give what we have to make others smile, we feel as rich as anyone.  There is so much we can offer others. Even a smile or a “good morning” may be all it takes to brighten someone's day. 

Another incident today was a young woman jogger in our “Poky Walking Park”.  The first time around a “Good Morning” to her was met by a brief acknowledgement, but by here third time around our comments about her jogging brought a large smile. 

See, we have more to give than we can imagine. Money and what money buys is not the only gift we can give to others.


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