Monday, August 07, 2006

Hottter At The Beach Than The Desert

I forgot to tell you about the concert weather both nights.  At the beach concert, outdoors, right next to the ocean Sharon put on a light sweater and soon took it off.  She got too hot.  At the concert up in the desert, she put on a light coat.  It was actually hotter at the beach than the desert. 

Often we go to the county fair this same time of year and wear HEAVY coats, stocking caps and gloves and are the envy of those sitting around us.  It can get downright cold at the beach in August. 

Today we are working on packing items that were paid for.  Sharon does almost all of the packing.  I was doing some last minute cleaning of items.  Selling used equipment means lots more work than selling new stuff.  Our preference is small new stuff, then small used stuff. 

Our packing today is some bigger items. They take a lot of time and material to package properly.  Small things often sell for more and are so much easier to package up to ship.

In the past most of our Ebay sales have been large items including 20 inch computer monitors.  Not only are these things large, they are heavy and are responsible for a little back pain now and again.


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