Friday, August 04, 2006

Going To The Fair

This is a planned day off. We are going to the fair today. It almost DID NOT happen. We are just even with the board financially and if we had not made some extra sales to bring us to to this months planned income, we would have had to skip the fair today. We would be working.

OK, we are working this morning. The fair does not open until 11 a.m. and we can get some things accomplished by starting the day at the office.

We made some great progress organizing the warehouse. Two days of working in the main area gave us a lot of extra room. It always amazes me how much extra room we have when we organize a little. It is a shame we do not do this on a more regular basis.

Being organized and planning can sure make a big difference in the outcomes we create. I really think we need to get back to setting up some concrete plans and making every effort to succeed at them.

Sharon and I are pretty good a getting through things and then making them better. We should take advantage of that strength more often. Unfortunately we also backslide into complacency and lose a lot of ground we gain.

Life sure is an interesting experience. So much to learn and by the time you learn what you need it is obsolete. Things change so fast you need to keep learning and experiencing new things regularly. Keeping up with change is almost impossible to do.


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