Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Getting It Done Quickly

Today is about listing on Ebay and getting is done quickly.  Today Ebay is offering 50% off the normal listing fee, so we are hustling to save a bit of money by listing as much as we can today. That is why I am late with the blog today.

WORK! WORK! WORK!  Life seems to be about work.  Not only for us, but all the 9–5ers who work 5 days a week too.  I like work and do not want to retire for a long time even if we go full timing.  However, I am getting to the point I would like to work just a little less. 

Our weather has cooled down some.  It is almost 5 p.m. and the office is only 82 degrees. It had been 87 just recently.  Unfortunately they say our heat is coming back next week.  OH WELL! At least HOT for us is not what the rest of the nation calls hot.

Anyway, we are still working trying to make the most of Ebay’s 1/2 off sale, so I will close for today.


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