Monday, July 31, 2006

I Need A Life

We work seven days a week. I need a life beyond work.  The problem is making a living gets in the way of having that life.  Each day seems like we get more done in less time, but we still put in 12 hour days and are not getting ahead. We are staying even with the board.

I am not complaining, I am just wanting more.  We are doing well enough, but we want to do better. OH, we have done better. Remember the extra expense of living in a house. That is doing a lot better, but it has cut into our camping.  We have not been camping for two months now.  None in June or July. 

One good thing is that the Bounder is out behind out business and we use it daily for meals. Other than donuts for breakfast a couple times, we have yet to eat a meal in the new house.  We have not even turned the gas on to the stove at home.  The motorhome is well worth having, even though it is only parked behind the warehouse. 

Some may wonder about us, but rest assured, we are quite happy. Yes, we could have more and do more, but at the moment that is not our priority.  Our main need right now is to build our business a little more. 

We need to go camping.  HOWEVER, we will be taking a couple days off  to go to our county fair. We want to go on the day Bobby Venton is singing and another day when the Charlie Daniel’s Band are Playing. 



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