Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Movie Day AGAIN!

Today we used our other free movie passes. This time we saw “The Break Up”.  The ending was a surprise.  It was an OK movie but neither we saw are going to rate in my all time favorites. OH, our pass was a “family four pack”, but we were only two people. The theater let me give the other two to the people behind us.  That was nice of them. 

It is “hot” here again.  It is 85 in our office.  I put sun screen film on two of our front windows today to help keep some sun out in the morning and reflect some heat away from inside.  The room is a lot darker by the window, but it is as hot in here today as it was yesterday.

Of course we are lucky to be where we live.  Just 40 miles from here the temperatures inland are in the triple digits. A friend said the news said her area was 113, but her patio thermometer and the bank sign said 118.  YIKES!  I am not sure I have ever been in 113 degree weather.  About the hottest I remember is about 106.

The paper today gave us a sort of a shock. Our business is in the 100 year flood plain. We could get flooded if they ever have really severe rain here in Oxnard.  I guess that would give us a good reason to move out of here, if it did flood.  Luckily the new house we live in is not in the flood plain. 




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