Monday, July 24, 2006

Movie Day

Remember we won the tickets to the movies?  Today was movie day and we went to see, “Lady In The Water”.  It was an interesting movie. It would be intense for young children.  It is startling to adults ….. not scary, just startling.  Believe it or not there was not nudity, profanity or gore, even when someone was attacked by the creature (the intense for young children parts).

It is “hot” here, the thermometer out back says 78 degrees. Our inside thermometer here in the office says 86.  This building really holds heat.  It is block construction with a flat wood roof. There is no insulation between the rood and inside of the warehouse. It is cooler out in the warehouse than it is here in the office. 

We got an email from my son with pictures of his unborn son. WOW!  Ultrasound pictures sure getting very detailed.  We could almost count his eyelashes.

This poor man.  His Saturn caught on fire inside the steering column.  Destroyed only the wiring.  His Dodge Durango had its transmission repaired twice and then he was driving down the road with his family and it exploded on the freeway throwing parts all over.  A little before that happened I gave him our 19991 Chevy Caprice so his pregnant wife would have a car while he was at work.  It lost its reverse gear. They are now without a car.  Life sure gets funny at times.

I wish we could help him but since we had to move into the house, we are working to get by too. It is sad to see your children struggle so hard.



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