Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Today Is Overcast

Yesterday we had high clouds that looked like rain. Today is overcast again, but this time is is low fog and does not look like the possible rain forecast for today.  Our humidity is up, but it only makes it slightly uncomfortable if you notice it at all.  With temperatures in the low 70s, 80% humidity does not really do all than much.

Today we are planning on a trip to the beach north of Ventura. It is next to Emma Woods State Campground.  Poky The Dog loves it there because it is the only place he can run free without a leash.  Low tide is about 10 a.m. so that the beach will be there.  At high tide the water comes right up to the rocks protecting the roadway and there is no beach at high tide.

We are really looking for answers to increasing our productivity and income.  A lot of things are making us think more and more about our operation and what we need to do to make it most effective and to work into a escape plan to be out of here in a reasonable amount of time. 

There are so many things to do. I mean exciting things, not work.  Places to go, things to see and activities to join in to.  It is interesting that we are often stuck in a place of our own making and are missing out on those exciting activities. 

OK, we are thinking again. Sharon and I do not “want out” but we would like to get out.  What we do is great in its own way.  We work together. What could be better than working with your best friend?  It is just, the Bounder is sitting out back and not moving except to get propane once a month.  It should be going places.


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