Monday, July 17, 2006

Cloudy Day Looks Like Rain

When  we got up this morning we had high clouds.  Right now we have some sun, but it is still a cloudy days that looks like rain coming.  The forecast is for clouds today and chance of rain tomorrow.

I really like our weather.  Last night I asked Sharon how many blankets she had on the bed.  She said three plus the light beadspread.  AND, this is summer?  Actaully I threw off my covers and turned on a small six inch fan I have over my side of the bed.  I am always hotter than Sharon.  She stays under the blankets all night.

Poky The Dog is like me. He throws off his blanket during the night.  I am not sure whether he gets too hot or just wiggles around and cannot figure out how to get back under his blanket.  He sleeps on our bed. Often he starts out up at our chest level, but usually is at the foot of the bed later.

OH!  Sharon won on the radio again today.  What did she win?  We do not know.  She did not hear the prizes when the contest was running and she was out in the warehouse with me when they announced the winner and prizes.  We will pick them up tomorrow and it will be a suprise. 

Sharon’s prizes will be available tomorrow, so maybe we will get them, then head up to Poky’s favorite beach and let him run free on the sand.  A couple hours at the beach should be a nice break from the warehouse.


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