Wednesday, July 12, 2006

We Need A New Plan

We are just meeting the bills. We need a new plan that gets us ahead of them.  If we want to do the things we would like to do, we need to re-organize and re-plan  our business. 

Right now any glitch in the system could send it crashing.  This means we would be in financial trouble.  To go camping regularly, we need to change our strategies.  When my kids are struggling financially and could use a small bit of help, we could help if …… the BIG IF……we would start working smarter.

You know we started doing better when we had to come up with the new rent.  It is time to carry that another step and generate enough income to put aside some.

I look at our motorhome out behind the warehouse.  We did not take the Bounder camping in the month of June.  July is looking the same way.  It is nice to have back there as a lunch and dinner lounge, but I would really like to be out camping at least once a month. 

Hey!  I am not complaining here.  I am excited that we have done so well and are meeting an $800 a month added expense and can increase our income even more. 

For those of you thinking of full timing and wondering about your finances after you are on the road, listen to how we are making money.  Internet marketing and Ebay are transportable and can be done from almost anywhere in the world. 


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