Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bad News -- Good News

OK, nothing to get excited about, but we have bad new and good news.  The bad new is that my Sony camera died.  Sharon went to take some pictures for our Ebay auctions and there was no picture.  The display came on and I could view pictures stored on my memory stick, but the camera was blind.  When I aimed it, all I got was a black screen.

The good news?  I went on the internet and did a search for “Sony F717 repair”.  There were a number of sites, but one was a rating of the camera.  In there a few talked about the F717 black screen. One person said they got their camera fixed for free including shipping both ways.  They even gave a phone number for Sony.  I called.  The woman I talked to had me reset the camera and it still did not work.  She said she would send me a prepaid UPS label for me to return the camera for FREE repair and free return. 

Apparently this model had a problem and Sony is taking care of it.  I have had the camera  a little over two years.  I did not have an extended warranty. 

All of that said, you just have to LOVE the internet. It is such a fantastic resource.  Anything you need to know and other things you did not know you needed to know are all there.  Yesterday’s camera solution took less than 15 minutes to find. 

I keep hearing people talk about 100+ temperatures.  It sure makes me glad we moved here to the coast.  We have not had a hot day yet.  Warm days, yes, but never a hot day.  Last night was foggy.  Not heavy fog you could not see in, just a misty fog.  Today it is a high overcast. 


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