Monday, July 10, 2006

Where Was I Yesterday?

No, we did not take a day off. Where was I yesterday?  Right here in the warehouse, but AGAIN, I forgot all about the blog. 

We came to the office, dropped off Poky The Dog and then went to the harbor to the Farmer’s Market.  Sharon saw a teacher she used to work with back in 1994.  Do you periodically meet people from your past? 

I have lived all over the country and overseas as the son of a career Army man.  I was in the service at different stations. In all of that time I have never met anyone from my past.  Since I do not live in an area I went to school (10 different schools, grades 1–12) I do not see old school chums around town.  I guess I probably would not recognize anyone even if I met them face to face.  We have all aged beyond our youthful appearance.

Sunday was a non-productive day, work wise. Although we were here at the warehouse, we did not get any work done.  Sometimes I wonder why that is.  What makes one day super productive and another a waste of the day. 

There is a free concert in the park about 100 miles from here.  Blake Shelton is the featured country singer.   Sharon and I are thinking of going. If we do we may drive the 150 miles to my son’s home. He is the one we spent the 4th of July with.  We could leave from his place to go to the concert.  This is not definite yet. It depends on our productivity this week.



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