Friday, June 30, 2006

Life Is Getting Better

We are making more money. We are regularly quitting work earlier. Life is getting better.  I think it was Napoleon Hill that said, “Every adversity carries with it a seed of equivalent benefit”.  That sure seems to be the case for us. What might have appeared to be “adversity” when we could no longer live in the warehouse, was almost instantly a benefit of greater value.

Sharon and I are amazed at how well all of this has turned out over the last two months.  Yes, we have been living in our new home two months already.  We are truly happy with how everything is changing for us.

OK, there is one problem in all of this. As much as I say this has all been good, that is not quite true. I have not been exercising for over two months and I am back up to 227 pounds.  A year ago I was at 233.  I got down to under 210.  So at some lower level than I am conscious of, I have been negatively affected. 

It is no longer easy to exercise. I used to get out of bed and get onto the exercise bike.  Now the exercise bike is up to an hour away from me arising in the morning.  I have thought about taking it home, but with only 665 square feet of space, there is not a lot of room for large items like an exercise machine. 

There is a spot in the living room where it could go, but …… But I am not sure. Maybe my health is worth a cluttered living room.  Unlike our warehouse, our home is not cluttered and in chaos all the time.   Maybe I could pedal and watch TV. 

I think I told you we get free cable thanks to the neighbor who lives in the other half of the house.  All of our utilities are paid for us.  There is a yard in front, but we do not have to take care of it. The landlord pays for a gardener.  The other tenant has the back yard and we do not have access to it. 


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