Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Whole Month Without Camping

I guess having to work has affected us. We have gone a whole month without camping. We did not even take a day trip to the beach.  This making a living thing sure does get in the way of life.

The problem now is that summer is here and during the summer it is often impossible to get a campsite locally without reservations.  Summer means campgrounds are full seven days a week.  Obviously beach camping is very popular.  The other option is to go inland to camp, but that means temperatures in the high 90s and even triple digit heat at times.

Of course, until I fix the shimmy, we will not be camping at all.  If the problem is that plastic speedometer gear trying to pop in and out, I can fix it by removing the gear. That is an easy job. 

If we do not get some camping in I will have to change the name of this blog from “RV Living” to “Warehouse Living”.  Even owning an older inexpensive RV can be somewhat expensive when you are on a budget.  I really need to get us off of a budget by working to increase our income to a level that includes more camping trips.


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