Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Possible Transmission Problem

When I “fixed” the speedometer problem the fix lasted about 2 miles.  The speedometer quit working, the Bounder started shimmying severely and I pulled over.  Nothing obviously wrong, but a strong smell of burned plastic.  Could it have been the speedometer gear inside the transmission?

Today we went for propane. The shimmy started again. It is strong enough that you could loose control of the vehicle under the wrong conditions.  I pulled over. Again nothing obviously wrong, but the smell of burnt plastic again.  Started up again and got home without further incident.  This requires more looking into.

When I am busy like we are now, I just do not need more projects.  The Bounder may sit a while before it goes anywhere again.  If I need transmission work, it will sit quite a while until we build up the funds to cover it. 

Financially we are doing good. We have covered all the bills and are now working toward a surplus.  You are looking at a couple with no savings, no credit and a huge desire to succeed.  We work through the roadblocks and often think we are on top of the world.  Occasionally we slip down the side a little.

Overall, life is pretty good to Sharon and I.  We sleep well at night and feel positive most of the time.  We often look at ourselves and think how lucky we are compared to others who are having a hard time.  Life is actually pretty good to us.


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