Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Rain And Thunder

Yesterday was a little unusual. We had rain and thunder. Unusual?  We almost never have thunder and even less frequently lightning.  Yesterday it poured rain for 15 minutes at the most.  Before the rain we heard thunder, but never saw any lightning or even flashes. 

Today is overcast and cool.  Last night was fairly cool in our bedroom. We both slept with the blankets (yes, plural) pulled up.  Living on the coast means you may get cold at night any month of the year.  There are a lot of benefits of living by the ocean.  The only thing is we never get hot days. Once in a while a hot day feels good.  For heat we have to go inland.

We are right on track with our Ebay sales and staying ahead of the bills.  Ebay is an excellent way to generate income.   Even on a small scale, Ebay can help a family overcome some financial tough times.  If all you did was sell three ten dollar items a week, that would be $129.90 a month.  Three sales a week is not much effort.  $129.90 might just offset the gasoline price increases for some families. 

Are you full timing?  Ebay can be done on the road also.  You can specify you be paid only online using PayPal.  That way there are no checks to deal with, no incoming snail mail.  You can ship a product anywhere there is a post office of UPS station.  Look for small items you could store in a RV.  Look up “post cards” on Ebay. Some post cards sell for quite a bit of money.

Learning to sell on Ebay is easy. The best Ebay Manual I have found is Ebay Training Course Of course you do not have to buy a course to sell on Ebay, but it can teach you a lot about the best tactics to use.



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