Wednesday, June 21, 2006

First Day Of Summer

It is cool and overcast today. Today is the first day of Summer.  HMMmmmmmmm!  It is interesting living on the California coast.  Cool days, some “hot” days when the temperature gets up into the 80s and a rare blistering day in the low 90s.  I love our weather. 

We cancelled camping this week for sure.  We just need to spend the time working.  This added expense is not that bad, but it requires us to stay right on top of everything.

The new house is a slight problem. We are quitting work earlier than we used to.  On days we do a full day’s work, this is not a problem, but on days we are not applying ourselves as well as we could, it is cutting income and will make us work harder to catch up later.

Life sure can be complicated, but in the scheme of things Sharon and I have it pretty easy compared to others who are working to make ends meet.  I think we are very lucky to be in the position we are in. 

This morning we walked Poky The Dog at our neighborhood park.  He gets very excited about being there with all the grass and all the other dog smells.  See, our move was even good for Poky. 

As we got about halfway around the park a Prevost motorhome was pulling out of someone's yard.  What a beautiful coach.  It made me wish we were going somewhere.



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