Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Summer And Lizards

All I am going to do today is share an email I received and the answer I sent. PLUS a website that talks about catching lizards. Summer and lizards go together, so I thought this was appropriate.  The website is one I created and the page is Excellent Lizard Catcher

Dear Bob,
 My friend Susie found a lizard in her bathtub today.  I like lizards and geckos and am especially adept at catching them, but Susie is not.  She is scared of reptiles.  When she found the lizard in her bathtub she acted like a big scaredy cat, all “eek” and jumping on chairs and whatnot.  I tried to describe the lizard lasso trick to her over emails, but your website made it so much easier for her peabrain (ha! Just kidding!) to understand.  She caught the lizard with the help of her super helpful friend Fabienne.  Then Fabienne tried to hog all the glory for the catch, but anyway, your site saved the day!!
 Thanks again!

Good Morning Stephanie,
I got a pleasant chuckle from your email.  That is the second bathtub lizard I heard of.  The first came out of my pant leg.   When my boys were young we were in the back yard and a lizard ran across my shoe and then up my pant leg --- on the inside.  I grabbed my pants and hopped into the house and stood in the bathtub. My family was roaring all the while.  I loosened my pants, got the lizard out and had a good laugh along with everyone else. 

No, I am not afraid of reptiles, so that was just a funny thing. HOWEVER my when we were first married my wife was terrified of snakes.  I freaked her out with a tiny 6 inch snake I caught while we were fishing. I did not realized she was afraid of them when I took it to show her.  Luckily her back was to the bank instead of the water. She went backward so fast is wasn't funny.

OK, a few years later we had two boys and when they were about 7 and 8 years old Sharon was still afraid of snakes.  I came home one day, got out of my car and the family was standing outside.  Sharon had a gopher snake wrapped around her wrist.  FEAR GONE.  Her and the boys went to a garage sale and a little boy was moving and couldn't keep his snake.  His need and my boys desired solved a problem. My wife's fear was gone and she has not been bothered by snakes since.  I guess her need to  let "boys be boys" allowed her to overcome it.  It seems love is stronger than fear.

So, thank you Stephanie, for sharing your story and for awakening some old   memories.



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