Monday, June 19, 2006

Good News For Our Computer Junk

Our local fairgrounds is having a monthy e-waste recycling event.  This is good new for our computer junk.  We have a lot of old computers and monitors that may be worth some money or may be just taking up space.  This means that for as long as the program lasts, we will be able to dispose of broken computers, broken monitors and other stuff we do not feel are worth trying to sell. 

This is such good news!  We may empty a large area in the warehouse.  I just have to decide to get rid of a lot of laser printers I have not been able to sell in the past.  I will give them one effort on Ebay and then next month we will rent a 25 foot truck and get rid of a bunch of JUNK.

A major part of our problem here is not having room to move around.  This is really going to help our situation more quickly.  There is an old saying, “Get rid of what you do not want to make room for what you do want”.  This certainly applies to this opportunity.

I have told Sharon numerous times, “If we could get organized, we could make a lot of money”.  Here’s a chance to help us get more organized.


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