Sunday, June 18, 2006

Beach Concert Was Great

Yesterday we went to the free event at the beach, KidsFest.  Booths and events about kids.  The singers, Taylor Swift and Rockie Lynne each put on a short concert.  Both were very good up and coming country singers.  Sharon and I enjoyed the event and Sharon got her picture taken with both stars.

We are rethinking camping this week.  We just took off two days.  We were here part of the time, but we did not get any real work accomplished.  Today is following suit.  That’s three days “loafing”.  We really cannot expect to meet the rent and bills by keeping this up.  So, camping looks like it will go on the back burner for a couple weeks at least.

This coming weekend we have a baby shower to go to for our youngest son’s wife.  The following weekend we go to their home for two days for the Forth Of July. 

Sharon and I still have problems utilizing our time effectively.  In the past we did not need to and now it is catching up with us.  We really need to get more organized.  I really hate cancelling camping, but it is either work so we can camp or we just will not be camping.



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