Thursday, June 15, 2006

Late Posting To The Blog

I forgot about posting. That is why I am late posting to the blog.  Actually, Sharon reminded me a few hours ago, but I have been so busy to day that I completely forgot until now.  6:10 p.m.  Sometimes I get so busy all I think about is the task at hand.  If it is not in front of my face and HOLLERING at me, I am oblivious.

Today, I totaled all my bank accounts and we have the rent for both places already.  Of course as the month progresses, that will slowly be eroded by other bills, but we are ahead today.  If we keep going at this rate we will be back on top of our finances shortly.

We still are in a very precarious position. If something happened to me tomorrow we would be in deep trouble.  Of course we are no worse of than many people.  Probably we are better off than many.  So, I really cannot complain about our position.

Besides, we can plan on camping this month based on our income so far.  Maybe we should go next week.  There are just over two weeks left in the month, so we do not have all that much time.

Sharon reminded me that we still need to get firewood at the local lumber yard. Remember, be use lumber cutoffs. 

Our weather has been so nice the last couple days, it really is telling us, “Go camping”.


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