Saturday, June 10, 2006

I Need Firewood

Camping is always running through the back of my mind.  I need firewood before we go out again.  I could cut up a stack of pallets we have out back, they are hardwood and burn well, but it is time intensive, so I will just buy the lumber cut offs we usually use.  The lumber yard charges us $8 to $10 for a pallet stacked about two feet tall.

We are getting a lot more organized in what we are doing here at the warehouse.  Yesterday we put up three shelving units 3 feet deep, 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall.  These will get a number of things out of piles and more easily accessed.

Today we drove down to Channel Islands Harbor to get donuts and walk by the water.  There was a huge yacht moored at one of the transient docks.  I am guessing 65 feet with a minimum price tag of $2,000,000.  This was a gorgeous boat.  It came from Oregon.  I wonder is someone is full timing on the ocean. 

Poky The Dog sleeps on our bed.  Last night I wonder if he was having a nightmare.  He was growling and barking.  His sleep sounds are low volume, but you can tell when he is barking.  It almost sounds like a soft coughing. 

Tomorrow is Farmer’s Market Day at the harbor.  I think we need some fresh strawberries and maybe a plant or two for the house.  They have some good buys on plants there. 


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