Friday, June 09, 2006

50s In the Beach Areas

I know that many norther areas of the country are cooler than we are, but our Southern California weather is is thought of as sunny and warm.  The radio just said it is in the 50’s in the beach areas.  It is overcast with a misty drizzle coming down.  Again, this is our typical June weather. 

I really appreciate cooler weather, especially when I have to work in the warehouse.  I get hot easily when working and our weather is good for hard work.  HOWEVER, if I have to work outside in hot temperatures in the 90s, I am happier than working outside with temperatures in the 30s and low 40s.  With hot you just sweat, with cold you hurt.  Cold fingers hurt. Cold cheeks and nose are not fun.

Our best beach weather is in the fall. We get a lot more beautiful days than during the summer.  A lot of people are disappointed when they come here to the beach in the summer.  Yes, we have sun in the summer, but we had lots of overcast days also.

Yesterday was twenty cents listing day on Ebay, so I was busy most of the day getting lots of things listed. I saved a fair amount of money with their discount. 




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