Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Going In Circles

We are so busy right now.  Income is up all the rent is paid, but we are going in circles trying to get everything done.  Sharon is packing, packing, packing.  Right now it is computers.  She is busy. I am trying to figure out what to sell next and where to put things we are pulling out. 

All this activity is hard work, but it also means more money is coming in.  Hard work is good.  As we get back in the groove of making a living instead of just getting by, we will have a lot of long hard days.  Luckily we are used to that and accept it as just another part of our lives.  We are pretty happy at what we do.

There is not a lot of room in our warehouse.  So when we pull a lot of stuff, it just sits on the floor.  It gets rather chaotic at times.  I have some shelving out in the garages I may see if we can get some put up somewhere. That would  help a little.

Our June weather has a lot of gray days.  We get a lot of high fog and sometimes do not see the sun until late afternoon if we see it at all.  This weather is part of what keeps us cool in the summer months. 

Remember Sharon’s auto accident when she got rear ended?  Today we are going into an arbitration meeting to look into a financial settlement.  Their first offer did not even cover Sharon’s medical bills.  We will see what happens. This is not a big dollar case, but I would like all of our expenses paid including the lawyer and medical bills.




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