Monday, June 05, 2006

We See The Light

No we are not dying and, it is not the train. (REFERENCE: I can see the light at the end of the tunnel unfortunately it is a train coming). We see the light of day shining into our business. Sharon and I are seeing answers that were in front of our faces all along.  Our life is unfolding in front of us and it is a good thing.

Our business is up.  Our income is up.  We are able to “go home”, because we now have a home to go home to. Changes are happening and we are caught up in the middle of them and loving it.

If we keep this up and do not let the small set backs we will encounter get us down, we will have a handle on this situation.  This means more camping and more time off as we get farther along.

There are still things I need to take care of on the Bounder. My speedometer fix did not work, so that needs to be taken care of.  I still have a basement compartment leak I need to find the source of.  I need to go through the entire coach and start getting rid of some of the excess stuff we carry. 

After we get a lot of stuff removed and are only carrying what we think we actually need, I will go next door and have the motorhome weighed again.  We have a scale in the Mayflower moving company next to our business.  Since our motorhome is parked at our business this is very convenient. 

We weigh with all tanks full, except the waste tanks which are empty when we weigh. 



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