Sunday, June 04, 2006

Great Birthday Party

We went to our granddaughter’s birthday part yesterday.  It was a great party.  So what made it so great?  Our granddaughters, both of them were there.  It could have been held in a field and it would have still been great.  That is what grandchildren do for you.

The party was held at one of the lakes in the community.  There is a park next to the lake with swings playground equipment.  There are picnic tables and  “real” restrooms.   There were kids swimming in the lake.  Other people were rowing boats and canoes. 

As our party was ending a huge Boys Scouts Of America ceremony was about take place. I did not ask, but I assume it was an awards ceremony. 

Like I have told you this is a gated community with 100 miles of roads, two campgrounds, two lakes, miles of horse back riding trails, a shooting range, community center, fire department, police station,   There is a golf course in the community.  This is huge place, but here is just one gate in and out.  I am impressed with the area.  It seem like a good place to live, raise a family and retire. 

OH, if you do not remember from before, the place is Bear Valley Springs, California.  It is just out of Tehachipi and and Mojave, California.  Mojave was in the news for the  first civilian aircraft into near space twice in two weeks. 

We are back at the office, back to work today. 


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