Saturday, June 03, 2006

My First Post From Home

It is Saturday morning and in about an hour we will be heading to Jessica’s birthday party.   This is my first post from home.  I am on my laptop and will use the cell phone to connect to the internet.  This is the same way I connect while we are camping.

It is clear today.  It will be a beautiful warm day here at the beach.  Where we are going, it should be in the 90s.  That will be a big change for us.  We are so used to cool weather, it is almost a pleasure to have a hot day now and then. I would not want them all the time.

We just had our best day on Ebay in a long time.  If every day were like yesterday, we could buy a new diesel pusher.  The problem with our Ebay sales is that they are a roller coaster ride.  High one day and next to nothing a day later.  If we could figure out how to keep them high we would be in high clover.

Poky The Dog really gets excited when we are at the office and tell him it is time to “GO HOME!”  We emphasize it and he is dancing all over.  Actually it starts when he hears one of our computers go, “Ding, Ding Ding Dong” or the close tones Windows uses when it shuts down. He gets up and is walking around looking at us in expectation. “GO HOME!” gets him going.

Actually any comment directed at Poky that has the word, “GO!” in it gets him excited.  I just asked Poky if he wanted to go see Charlie, my son’s dog.  Poky hopped off the couch and his tail is wagging a mile a minute.


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