Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Holiday Is Over

We are at work, are you?  The three day holiday is over for those who got one this weekend.  We got a lot accomplished in the last couple days.  Sharon and I are slowly getting going. 

To actually be ahead of the game, we need to make more than the $800 our new rent costs.  We need to make enough to cover the rent for a couple months or more in case of some emergency where we cannot work.  Since we have no insurance, unemployment or other means of paying bills it is all up to us.  We really need to start working smarter.  It will be working harder for a while, but smarter is what we need.

It is fun working.  I was talking to Sharon and I could not figure out what I would do if we just retired.  I do not have the money to retire, but if I did, I cannot imagine sitting around a house and doing nothing all day.  Full timing would add another dimension to retirement, but I would still need a daily commitment to keep my mind active. 

This is why I think internet marketing will ultimately be good for us.  It can be done anywhere you can connect to the internet.  It takes a much or as little energy as you wish to devote to it.  It is independent of location.  It can be done in the woods, in a hotel or in Japan, as long as you have a computer and internet connection.

So, we may not like the long hours and 7 days a week we put in, but it beats inactivity. 


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