Saturday, May 27, 2006

Home For The Holidays

Since we went camping in the middle of the week, we are home for the holidays. OK, holiday — Memorial Day. Well, not home, AT WORK!  No rest for the wicked.  As much as we work we must be very wicked. 

“Great big globs of greasy grimy gopher guts….”  Did you ever sing that song as a kid?  Sharon and I were singing it yesterday morning. We got to the office to a gopher head, tail and one foot behind my desk chair at my computer. And a big mess.  Our cat caught a gopher in the office.  OK, that is very strange, but apparently it came into the warehouse under the rear rear roll up door when we had it up.  It made it to the front of the warehouse to the office area and came into the office.

Normally we have our office door shut, but in warm weather we have a lattice door with open squares to let air into the office and to keep the cats in the office.  It is like a screen door, but is made of white plastic garden lattice like you would let plants grow on.  Apparently the gopher just crawled through one of the holes and came in to its doom.

Tudexdo The Cat used to be an excellent mouser.  He was running wild when we first met him and had been eating lizards, gophers and anything he could catch.  He adopted us. He was not feral, but he was on his own up a remote canyon where we lived.  Someone probably dumped him.

Our house rent was due today.  We have been working hard enough that we had it and are close to the rent for the warehouse due on the 7th of the month.  I thought we were there already, but other bills get in the way.  We will have to keep hustling to get it all  on time.  What we need to do is work extremely hard for a couple months and get ahead a little.  This living week to week is not my idea of  fun.



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