Thursday, May 25, 2006

Great Night Camping

It is good to get away if only for one night and two days.  It was a great night camping and two wonderful days.  They are not over yet. We are back parked on the bluff overlooking the ocean.  This time we are about 100 yards down from where we were yesterday morning.

Last night the campground was already filling up for the holiday weekend.  Near us were about 10 toy haulers in a large group.  What a production they put on.  Next door to us was a Tiki Bar.  It was a bar with a short surf board for the bar top.  A palm frond roof with a plastic Shamu on top.  In the front of the bar, embedded into the front panel was a 5 gallon aquarium with two animated fish (battery powered?) and live goldfish.  They had about 8 Tiki torches going.

Down a few campsites was the main group.  They had 22 Tiki torches going last night.  Today they were putting up their bar.  It was four feet across the front, L shaped with 6 feet the on the L. Walking behind the bar, it was FULLY stocked with about any drink a bartender would want to mix up. 

I guess if you have the room available in a toy hauler you can bring all kinds of fun and wonderful things to a camp out.

The beach has a lot of rocks from fist size to body torso size.  Many of them have fossil shells embedded in them.  It is fun looking for the fossils. 

Of course we saw dolphins and when we showed them to the inlanders, the woman were squealing with delight. “OH!”  “LOOK!”  and more.  The dolphins co-operated by jumping out of the water to the ladies delight.

This is the second time we have had teens come in after 10 and have a campfire.  I guess they site around drinking and talking. They were not rowdy, so we did not get too exited about them being next to us.



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