Wednesday, May 17, 2006

We Saw The Sun

Today it is overcast again.  As I said, this is the time of year for cloudy weather here on the coast.  Yesterday we saw the sun for a little while in the late afternoon.  It felt good standing in its rays.

Camping friends, Dan and Susan, who are full timing are in Lake Havasu, Arizona. They said the weather there is hot, as in 103 degrees.  A sweltering day here on the coast is 90 degrees and that does not happen very often.

Following the cool weather is the advantage of full timing.  Dan and Susan say the cannot wait to get back to the coast.  I do not blame them.

Many full timers go north  in the summer and head south in the winter.  Most of the time a full timer can be in very comfortable temperatures. 

Our family used to vacation in Montana during the kids summer vacation.  We would leave Southern California in shorts and short sleeved shirts.  In Montana we changed into warmer clothes and wore heavy jackets at night or early morning.  OH, we did not live on the coast at that time. We lived inland where we often got triple digit temperatures.


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