Friday, May 12, 2006

Working, Working Working

I opened my blog program first thing this morning and then started working.  I forgot about the blog. When I am in work  mode, all I am aware of is what is going on in front of me. 

Even right now I keep getting side tracked. This is my third round. I am getting just over a sentence written each time I get distracted.  Actually this is good.  Not for the blog, but for our business. The more I concentrate the better it will

Distracted again. Sharon is having trouble shipping an item to Taiwan.  I told her to do it at the Post Office instead of online.

Did I fix the speedometer cable in the Bounder?  NO!  I did crawl under and see where it was located.  Of course I had office clothes instead of car working clothes and got my shirt a little greasy.

Tomorrow is speedometer day for sure.  I really need to fix it.  Saturday is a good day for it.  Actually any day is, just from my memory Saturday was work around home day.  Working for myself means any day is a good day to do personal things.

An example of that is coming up Monday. We are going to get propane and will spend the day at the beach in the motorhome.  We may even go camping for one night. We have not decided yet.  We still need to work as much as possible to get our income back up to cover the new rent.  Add $800 a month to your current bills and you will understand my need to work more.

We are working more and it is paying off.  I do not think the added expenses are going to be a problem.  As I told you before, this added expense is making us work harder and will ultimately get us to the point we can give up the warehouse.



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