Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ebay Is Going Strong

Yesterday was another good day selling on Ebay.   Our sales are up and Ebay is going strong for us.

I have given you one of our Ebay IDs in the past, but it gets buried in old posts.  Yesterday I got an email from Daryl:

How can we see what you have for sale on Ebay, Bob? Please send your store name.

This is one of six Ebay IDs we use, electronicspart (click the link).  It is the only one we make public and give the address for.  WHY?  Ebay is a very public place.  You can track anyone's sales, income etc by watching their auctions.  I want people to see what can be done, but not all of what we are doing.

I emailed Daryl that message, but the email bounced. 

So, have you at least signed up for Ebay. If not here is a link to Sell on eBay. Gas prices going up regardless of new the the price of a barrel of gas is down or that there are more reserves than expected.  For some this will limit camping.  A small amount of sales on Ebay could offset the price increase and keep you camping as usual.

The trouble with gas prices going high is that everything else follows.  Everything that gets to us is delivered using fuel.  Groceries, lumber, clothes, and even lattes (raw materials) are delivered by air, sea and land carriers that burn fuel.  They pass their increased expenses on.  We pay for higher priced gas as well as higher priced “everything else”. 

There are two answers to increasing prices. The one most people use to to cut back on their spending.  The other, which most people think they cannot do, is to make more money.  I like the make more money idea better than cutting back. 

Yes, we may have to cut back for a while, but an added income will quickly offset expenses.  Look at Sharon and I.  We just got over $800 a month in added expenses.  Our answer?  Work harder and smarter to bring our income up.  It is working so far.



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