Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blog Is Late -- Intentionally

Today is Ebay ten cent listing day. That means I save money by doing as much listing today as possible.  So, the blog is late intentionally.  It is lunch time and I am taking a break. 

By listing the higher dollar items today instead of the lower dollar things, I save the higher listing fee Ebay charges me to run an auction.  Periodically Ebay runs a special on some selling feature.  It is possible to save $5 or $10 or more on these days. 

All of this also falls into us getting going and making more money.  I have an incentive to work harder and faster today.  The more auctions I list, the more money I will save.  I have listed nine auctions that usually cost me $1.20 to list.  Today each is costing only $0.10 — ten cents!  I like that.  I have already saved enough for dinner for two…………..at McDonald's.

LUNCH TIME. Talk to you tomorrow.


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