Monday, May 08, 2006

It Gets Better Every Day

Since we moved into the house, both Sharon and I are happier than we have been in a long time. It gets better every day.  So, why is it that we do not see the answers until they are forced upon us? 

Our business is growing rapidly again.  We see more things to make money with laying all over the warehouse.  These things were always in plain sight or easily accessed, but we could not see them.  Suddenly opportunities to make money from our old inventory keep popping up as if they were new stock we just got.

If our business keeps going at this rate and our attitude about work continues to improve, we will be back to camping and rallies whenever we want and at whatever distance, REGARDLESS of gas prices. 

We are beginning to think that there are things more important than working to pay for someone else’s lifestyle.  Rent pays the landlords, gasoline pays the “big boys” and their BIG toys.  So within the framework of what we can do, it pays to take time to smell the roses and use our assets to the fullest potential they have. 

I do not mean to spend your fortune and have nothing to show for it. (Been there done that)  What I do mean is that we spend too much time on things that do not matter as much as we think they do.  What is that old quote?  “Don’t die with your song still in your heart”.  Something like that.  We should not die and never have taken that trip we “planned”.  We should spend time with our children before we find out the are grown and gone.  So many things to do instead of doing nothing. 



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