Saturday, May 06, 2006

"RV" The Movie

Yesterday Sharon and I went to see “RV” the movie.  If you remember, Sharon won tickets to see the movie at Derby Night.  If movies are rated one to five stars, we both give this one a three.  It was worth watching for free.  I may have been disappointed if we had paid $18 for the both of us to see it.  It had some funny scenes that were exaggerations of real situations, like the raccoons in the RV. 

It was a fun movie, but if you have to pay the big money to see it, wait for it to come out on DVD or cable. 

NOW, the good news about the movie.  There was a couple time for a short period of time there was an excessive hum in the sound.  Because of this the theater gave us two free tickets to see another movie of our choice.  I think we will see Mission Impossible Three, even though I do not like Tom Cruise that much.  He’s a good actor, but his off scene life and attitudes are not my cup of tea.

YES!  Being “evicted” sure has been a big advantage for us.  We are working more, working better and enjoying life.  It would really upset the person who turned us into the city if they knew the favor they did for us.  It is so funny. 

Because we start work early and work late, for any casual observer, we are still living here at the warehouse.  It will be funny when they turn us in again and they are the wrong doer instead of us.  Of course we will have to deal with Code Enforcement again, but we are “legal” now, so it will not matter to us.

We have not told any of our business neighbors that we have moved into a real home,  In  fact one of the employees of the guy we think turned us in comment yesterday about us living here still.  FUNNY!


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