Friday, May 05, 2006

Busy Working

I was thinking about writing and got busy working.  We are getting better at staying productively busy.  This is the key to making this new lifestyle a success.  If we work harder and then smarter, for sure, this will be a great change in our lives.

Every day we go home to our new place makes us feel better about everything.  It is refreshing. It invigorates us and make us happier.  WOW!  What more could you ask from a “bad situation”.  (I assume you have been reading the blog and know  what I am talking about).

Sharon and I still have not made any definite camping plans.  I am thinking that we need a firmly established increase in income and then we can play. With that in mind, I am guessing the third or fourth week of this month, during the week. 

I still need to fix the speedometer that broke.  My drivers seat belt is stuck and I cannot pull it up.  I need to lubricate the mechanism and see if that fixes it.  I still need to redo the roof seams with Eternabond tape so we hopefully stop any leaks from the roof.

Hopefully the change in our work habits will spill over to the motorhome and we will start getting things done in it in a more timely manner too.


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