Monday, May 01, 2006

Life Is Good

Sharon and I are happily settled into our new home.  Business is picking up and life is good.  What more could we want today.  We have dreams for tomorrow, but today is good.

OK, we are not completely settled into the new place. We still have clothes and a few other things to take there.  However, if you dropped by for coffee, we are ready for you.  Because this is a small place we have to decide what to put out and what to keep stored away. 

I guess it is sort of like loading an RV.  You only have so much room and so much weight you can carry. You have to select what you take camping or full timing. 

Camping?  I do feel a trip coming on.  I think we will make it to the beach in two weeks.  I need to hustle for a couple weeks and be sure we have all the bills paid, then take off for a couple days of recreation. 

Other than working more I do not have a lot to talk about today.  We have earned enough to pay both rents and now need to hustle the rest of the bills.  Working harder to make it each month should be good for us.  It will help get rid of our procrastination problem.  We now  HAVE TO work harder and smarter.




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