Sunday, April 23, 2006

Things Are Looking Good

Do you read the blog and think, “Poor Bob and Sharon”?  Actually things are looking good because of what we are going through.  We are back to working harder. Our income is going up.  We do not feel hatred or animosity toward whoever turned us in. 

All of what we are going through is inconvenient.  It is not a upsetting event in our life that we cannot handle.  I think in a month we will be silently thanking the person who turned us in to the city for living in our warehouse. 

One reader asked if this $2100 rent could be applied to a house and we just move our stuff and business there.  I would love to do that.  A nice four bedroom house nearby is $1850 a month.  A savings for us.  The problem is we have a FULL warehouse.  The warehouse with the upstairs and 4 garages is 6000 square feet.  It is full of obsolete computer equipment.

What can we do with obsolete computer equipment.  First we cannot throw it in a dumpster and let the trash company take it.  Every piece of electronic equipment including your cell phone and digital watch are considered toxic waste.  It all has circuit boards with parts in them. The parts are soldered to the boards using lead containing solder.  Items with lead in them cannot be disposed up in the trash.  Can you spell BIG FINE? 

This is a complicated situation and business we have.  There are answers, but we must get them clear in our heads.  We need to generate an ongoing income to live anywhere we go, even living in the Bounder would cost $XXX.XX a month. 

So, compared to many we are in very good shape.  We are on a tight budget, many making $100,000 a year are also. We have a positive outlook and believe we will come out of this smelling like roses.  Above all Sharon and I have each other and we stick together through thick and thin. 

OK, one big problem with our situation is that it may cut back on our camping.  We may not go out as often as we have in the past and we may stick closer to home.  OH WAIT!  You too?  Hey with gas prices sky rocketing, many will be saying the same thing we are.

Bottom line to all this is, keep us in your thoughts, wish us well and follow the blog to see how this saga unfolds. 


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