Saturday, April 22, 2006

Up Early And Getting Started

Once again I am up early and getting started working.  It is Saturday. When you work for yourself, the days of the week often do not matter.  You may work four days a week, but more often than not a business owner works six or seven days a week. 

Getting up early makes for a much longer day for me.  I check the time and it feels like 11 a.m and it may only be 8 o’clock.  Today started at 5 a.m.  I hope to get a lot accomplished today. 

Yesterday we looked at a local “trailer park”.  I thought it was going to be a low end mobile home park, but it was RVs.  The entire park appears to be full time people.  Each yard is fences and by the plants growing in front of and around the trailers and motorhomes, it is obvious some have not moved for years.

This park rents space for $575 (manager) or $595 (flyer) a month.  I would guess they charge the written amount.  The catch is they do not allow RVs over ten years old.  That lets us out.  There is a 2002 Aljo travel trailer for sale in one spot, but if we had the cash to buy a trailer, we could move into a house at the beach easily.  Online the Aljo goes for about $15,000.

Scratch that option.  We are back to looking for a room to rent.  Some have private entrances and are isolated from the rest of the home.  These range from about $575 to $900 a month, with one at $1000 with its own private spa.  I had hoped to rent a house, but we are not increasing our income at a fast enough rate to afford one yet.

The room rental makes sense to conserve money and build up to the point we can rent a full house again.  Since we are at the warehouse long hours, even when we have lived in a house in the past, where we live is not as important as it might be to others. 

Another advantage is that Sharon and I are in tune with each other and we do what we have to do TOGETHER.  It is great having a partner who you love and who you can work through life’s challenges with.  This year in August we will have been married 40 years.



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