Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Accepting And Working With Difficulties

Having to move is turning into a good thing.  Accepting and working with difficulties instead of worrying over them turns trouble times into good times.  Sharon and I are beginning to look forward to having a house to live in again.  A house has a lot of advantages over living in a warehouse. 

Do you find you can come into a situation and find good in it regardless of what it is?  Sharon and I have gone through a lot of losses in the last 11 years.  Loss of our home to foreclosure, our car to the repo man, no credit due to that and defaulting on all our debts.  Lots happened when I was down sized from my job of 20 years.  I expected to retire from it. 

The interesting thing is that after losing my job, I quit eating TUMS.  My stress level dropped in spite of money problems.  The job was more stressful than our situation after I lost the job.  My job was not what most would call stressful. I was a blue collar worker. I worked as an electronic technician.  I had limited responsibility.  Get the job done was my only task. 

Companies can be stressful. I used to LOVE Fridays and HATE Mondays.  My youngest son took a spelling test in grammar school and the teacher marked one work wrong. He wrote MOANDAY.  That sure was the correct spelling for me.

So, we lose most of what we had financially, but we are HAPPIER..  This is like the situation of having to move.  Whoever turned us in (probably the welding business next door) does not realize that they actually did us a favor.  Instead of creating a big problem, they solved one.  INTERESTING!

Another very positive outcome is that we are going to have to begin working.  We have been playing, not working.  Our income reflected our lazy ways.  Now, we will have to get back in the habit of doing a days work.  This is good.  Sharon and I actually enjoy working for ourselves and enjoy what we do.  It is a real high when you get paid based on how much you do and how well you do it. 

Out of all of this, the short term result will be a little less camping until we get back up to speed financially.  The long term will be more camping and if things work out right a newer motorhome. 



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