Monday, April 17, 2006

4 A.M. And I Am Working

I woke up at 3:?? this morning and at 4 I just got up and started working.  At 5:30 I went back to bed for 1/2 hour and then have been working since.  Today is Ebay sales primarily, but I did a little internet marketing stuff too.

Today I created a new website to sell only soldering iron sponges. The site is  I was not going to put up a page yet, but the hosting company puts up a page of ads for THEM as a holding page until I get started, so I threw up a quick page as my own holding page. 

Years ago we got a large amount of soldering sponge from a business that closed.  We have sold a lot of it and still have enough left that I thought I would test my marketing ability with what we have left.

Right now we are in holding mode as far as a place to live goes.  We are waiting until Wednesday to make our final decision on what we will do.  We are leaning toward a house at the beach.  It is one of the safest neighborhoods in this city.  The price for a small place is more or less the same as for a larger place in the city.  We do not need  a lot of space. HEY!  We are planning on full timing in a home with less than 300 square feet.  LOL (laughing out loud).

I have thought that we could rent a motel room if we do not get out of here by the deadline of April 28.  Sharon said we could drive the Bounder 12 miles down the coast and stay in it and commute to work from the campground in our car.  That just might be a good idea. 



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