Sunday, April 16, 2006

No Rush Decisions

Sharon and I have decided that there will be no rush decisions on moving.  We are evaluating our finances, our goals and what will be best for us.  We have put off any decision until Wednesday.  We have through Tuesday to think, evaluate and investigate what our options are.

Evergreen RV Park, Oxnard, California.  We have one RV park in our city.  Sharon and I drove by there yesterday and talked to some tenants. We thought we might even live in the RV in a RV park. Full timing a different way.  These were living in their RV.  They told us that this is the worst place they have ever stayed.  They are sort of stuck there as they are working in the area and living in their RV.

This park seems to be mostly full time people.  Once a month you have to leave the park for three days.  The reason is to prevent rent control taking over for full timers. There current monthly rent is $650 a month.  Pay by the day and at the end of a week, you get the weekly rate. At the end of a month you get the monthly rate, but still have to leave the park for three days each month.

You DO NOT get your old space back.  You get whatever space they assign you.  You can have good neighbors this month and next month your neighbor could be the sex change guy “gal” who exposed “herself” and went to jail for it. .  

If you happen to pull in and you site is full of trash, the owner/attendant's response has been that they do not have someone to clean it up right now.  “If you don’t like it, there’s the road out”.  An interesting policy, but what happens without competition.

So, if you happen to be traveling in the area and need a place to stay overnight, may I suggest the WalMart parking lot.

One of the full timers we have camping with a couple times at rallies says they now go into a RV park and check it out before checking in.  They say there are times when they just drive on by. Some places are really bad apparently.  Evergreen looked fairly nice, but there policy means we will not try to move the motorhome there and live in it.



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