Tuesday, April 11, 2006

OK, I Need A Camping Fix

I am coming down from the rally high and I need a camping fix.  TAX TIME!  Well, it will not be this week.  I think we will plan two days at the beach next week.  It will be during the week because it is getting hard to get a camping spot on the weekend.  Reservations lock us out and I hate making reservations.

When we have something to do or if Monday and Tuesday are rainy, we are flexible and can shift our camping to Thursday and Friday.  Reservations get in our way. 

Sharon and I have beeen talking about our RV friend with brain cancer.  What if we miss out on an exciting adventure together because one of us is incapacitated?  What if we do not go camping and then we can’t?  We tend to get stuck in our ruts and put off doing things.  We give excuses why we can not do something instead of figuring our why or how we can do it. 

In all respect and love, Sharon and I have created a new saying between us.  The saying is, “THINK SUSAN”  It means when we do not think we can make time, we should make it.  When we do not want to go to the park, go.  Do all we can do to enrich our lives today.  Say, “I love you” more often.  THINK SUSAN! 

Susan talked with us at the rally and said other cancers were in her family.  She never expected brain cancer.  None of us expect the adversities life throws at us.  They come out of nowhere and often have devastating effects.  THINK SUSAN!  Do it now! 

Do it now! That was a anti-procratinating slogan.  If you THINK SUSAN, it has a new meaning that will enrich your life.  Take the time to do it now.  Make up with an old friend.  Make up with your relatives.  Get a back together with someone. Say you are sorry and mean it.  THINK SUSAN. 

Above all, since this is an RVing blog, make the time to go camping a few more times each year.  Go with a friend or two.  Join some group and go with them. 

Some things have a profound effect in our lives.  Knowing and being with the friends we have met RVing has certainly changed Sharon’s and my life for the better.


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