Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday And Overcast

So far our weather has been great.  Today is Sunday and it is overcast.  It is high and thin, so it looks like it will burn off.  We could not have asked for better weather, especially coming off of heavy rain storms with more predicted for this week.

OH!  I forgot to tell you, as we we driving here I looked down to see how fast we were going and it said “0” MPH.  The speedometer died soon after we left home.  Talking to people here at the rally gave me an idea what could be wrong.  There is a plastic gear in the transmission housing where the cable goes in.  It is not uncommon for the gear to wear and finally give up.

So, this is a priority job to get done when we get home.  The other priority job is to caulk the roof in hopes of sealing our latest water leak.  For that job, I will use Eternabond Tape.  It is the most highly recommended sealer I have heard of.  You put it down and it stays stuck for years.  Be careful if you use is. Once it is down, you cannot move it if it is positioned slightly wrong. 

We will pack up and leave the campground around noon to two o’clock today.  We are never in a hurry to leave a campground.  We know some campers who get up, pack and leave a rally before everyone is out of bed.  Even though they live fairly close, the still get up and go.  Sharon and I like to take our time and enjoy our time away from home.



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