Saturday, April 08, 2006

RV Camping Rally Camping

We are here at San Dimas and having a great time. I have a Bloody Mary beside me as I type.  The chili potluck last night was fantastic.  Of course I ate too much.  I was even too full to have a beer afterward.  Get a group together for a potluck and you have the best dinner you can imagine.

The weather has been fantastic.  Warm and sunny.  A few light clouds passes by, but this is fantastic. The nights are cool, but a roaring campfire took the chill of of the evening.

Kids are at our door right now. They are on a scavenger hunt and Sharon has a bunch of the things they need.  We have everything!  We even have a “Shamrock Plant” growing in our kitchen window. They needed a three leaf clover.

Rallies are the BEST!  Go to and see if there is one going on in your area.  If not start one.  Group camping is so much fun.  We have about 30 rigs here.  Drinkers, and non-drinkers.  Early to bed folks and stay up late ones.  This is a cross sections of a neighborhood. 



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