Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Weather For Rally Deteriorating

I just went the the Weather Underground site and the weather for the rally is deteriorating.  Saturday changed from partly cloudy to 20% chance of rain.  Same for Sunday.  Friday is still partly cloudy. 

A number of us are bringing our 10 foot by 10 foot pop up canopies or easy ups.  You know the shade tent vendor use at outdoor markets.  We will group those together to make a “tent city” to keep the rain off and have a good time in spite of the weather.

We have an insurance “inspector” coming to our business today.  What she does is periodically check owners businesses when their building insurance comes up for renewal.  She inspects the building for code violations, up to date fire extinguishers and ????.  It is the ???? that I am worried about.  ???? I assume means the tenant's operation. 

Costco to the rescue. Our fire extinguishers were 1 year and 5 months old.  We bought two new ones at Costco for $18 for both.  The fire extinguisher inspection company charges $16.95 plus parts and chemicals if needed.  So, I get two extinguishers for the price of servicing one. 

Like I have told you in the past we have about 2000 cardboard boxes of our stuff and business inventory stored here.  Stored as in piled like you would in a public storage building.  We are not organized.  This concerns me.  The inspector merely submits a report to the main insurance company.  They then decide if everything is fine to continue insurance on the building. 

We got up early to make the office more presentable.  We cleared a few things that made our isles less than 3 feet wide, which the fire department wants.  That we usually try to keep up, but things get put in open spaces.

On the bright side, this inspector really has us thinking about just calling an electronic scrap man in and getting rid of the stuff by the truckload.  This is something we should have done long ago, but all of this is “inventory” and this is how we have made our living since 1995.  It is hard to just scrap things, even though they have low value due to age. 

It would really pay to call in the scrap man.  THINKING!  THINKING!   It would sure solve a lot of our problems including the potential for “failing” this inspection of the property. 


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